Move Your Message


Move Your Message

What's Involved

To craft your message we need your voice! Our videos include interviews with the folks behind the project. We interview up to three of the role players. Audio from interviews will narrate the sharp images representing your story/product. This authentic audio is essential to bringing photos and video to life. 

We can also take a script to our professional narrators.

We want you to look sharp and sound great! Interviews, and scenes of your story, are filmed in ultra high definition (4k).   Our recording technology will make your voice sound clean and crisp. These tools enable us to work with you to add creativity and ensure accuracy.  

With the final interview recorded, photos taken, and scenes filmed, we begin drafting your story. You'll be provided two drafts. Your feedback will be incorporated to guide us to a final product. 


Two Week Turnaround

After obtaining footage essential to your story we commit to creating a final product in two weeks!

The Final Product

When our work with you is complete you can expect:

- One 60 second video for social media (Instagram/Facebook)

- One 2 - 4 minute video well-suited for your website, YouTube, or crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter/IndieGoGo)

- Portraits, for up to 3 people, and high resolution files of your images